Facilitating a broader range of credit card payment options may feel like a luxury that is only available to large companies. You might have noticed that businesses that find such payment solutions tend to meet more success, leaving you wondering: “How can I accept credit card payments on my website?”

When you run a small business, merchant fees can often get too steep to make ends meet. Transaction fees are a huge issue that appears to privilege higher-income companies who have less concern about this impact on their profit margins.

At Qippay, we are a team of financial and IT professionals who recognize the value of small businesses in our country’s economy. Our goal is to find payment solutions that work for small business owners and facilitate their ability to stay on their feet, and better yet, ahead of the curve.

The need to accept credit card payments for the success of your business

Over two-thirds of small businesses have experienced a negative impact since the Covid-19 pandemic came to our country. The number of local enterprises that showed improvements in 2019 had halved by 2020.

Customers want convenience, and people’s desire for ease has only magnified. Lockdowns have significantly increased our use of credit cards and easy, online payment solutions. 

Even though two-thirds of Kiwis no longer even carry cash, businesses are reluctant to expand their payment options. Merchant fees are so expensive that accepting credit card payments often means losing money rather than gaining it. Small business owners get stuck in a catch-22 where the system has set them up for hardship, yet they know that customers will always choose the easiest payment option.

At Qippay, we understand that it’s challenging to run a small business. Even before the pandemic hit our economy, sometimes it feels like presenting an alternative to large corporations is too much of a challenge to overcome.

Let’s look at the facts

It only makes sense that if you find a way to accept credit cards on your website, you should take it. With only two percent of Kiwi’s money circulating in cash form, any business owner will recognize that the need for credit card payment solutions is far greater. With so many more of us turning away from old-fashioned payment options and towards credit, it is time for businesses to adapt their sales methods to keep up with the demand.

The ability to make payments online makes a massive difference in the world of Covid-19. The use of digital technology increased significantly during lockdowns. Post-pandemic businesses are setting up more easily accessible payment options for their customers.

Consumers are more liberal with their credit cards, paying more and “opting in” to support more businesses. You might be thinking: “Knowing the demand doesn’t get me any closer to a solution where I can accept credit card payments on my website.”

At Qippay, we saw the demand and filled it with an online payment solution that boosts the success of small businesses.

Elevate your sales with Qippay Accept

With Qippay, you can take control of your cash flow and accept payments online without a merchant account.

When your customers receive an invoice from you, all they have to do is pay you via the Qippay link – simple payments at the touch of a button.

It is easy to download the Qip payment tool. When you sign up for our service, you will be able to receive credit card payments at no cost to your business. Signing up for Qippay Accept is 100% free for all business owners. 

Our service operates by transferring the fees that you would normally get charged in each transaction to the customer. Alternatively, you may wish to talk to our team about the split fee option.

Your customers can choose how they want to pay you, and the funds will show up in your account as soon as they get cleared.

Each transaction fee, in itself, constitutes only a minuscule percentage of the service cost. But for small business owners, such fees add up quickly to vast amounts of money. When your customers collectively take on a small segment of these costs each, you can save thousands of dollars a year.

Consumers love convenience

Your customers are far more likely to pay via credit card than cash, even if the service costs a little more, because of how easy they are to use. With credit cards, consumers now can make purchases online, never having to leave their homes, look for cash to pay with, or bother with bank transfers.

When you accept credit card payments online, new customers will be attracted to your business. Your products and services will be more appealing than ever when your available payment options are easy and accessible. You can offer a user-friendly payment portal where customers can transfer money to you faster than ever.

People spend more with credit cards

Credit card users will spend 15% more money on average, more than compensating for the minuscule extra fee they face when paying via Qippay.

When making payments, the loss in money via cash feels more tangible than it does when you pay by credit card. When making payments by credit card, your customers will only see a number, requiring less psychological processing than physically handing over cash.

Accept credit card payments on your website with Qippay

When you sign up to Qippay, you will see an increase in your consumer base and cash flow. No more worrying about missing out on customers due to limited payment methods, no more getting hamstrung by excessive merchant fees. Let your business flourish even in challenging economic times.

Consumers are learning and striving to support local businesses, recognizing your crucial role in keeping the NZ economy afloat. Yet convenience and ease are still some of the most appealing factors for Kiwi shoppers, which is why your small business will meet the most success by meeting your customers halfway.

With Qippay, you can offer your customers simple and accessible payment solutions. Download our app today!