Offering credit card payments sometimes looks, on the surface, like it would be more of a hindrance than a help for small businesses. Merchant fees can get steep, eating away at your profit margins. At Qippay, we are dedicated to helping small businesses. Read on to learn from the team at Qippay how you can accept payments online without a merchant account.

When you own a business, it is critical that you choose your payment options as carefully and as early as possible. We strongly recommend that you spend time investigating how you can benefit from expanding your payment options to include online options.

In New Zealand, only about a third of us still carry cash these days, and our reliance on credit cards is growing. Your business can meet these demands, without losing money on merchant transaction fees, when you choose the right payment method for your customers.

At Qippay, we understand that it’s challenging to run a small business. Even before the pandemic hit our economy, sometimes it can feel like presenting an alternative to large corporations is too difficult to overcome. 

The high cost of transaction fees makes it extremely difficult for small businesses to accept credit card payments as a viable option. However, we have worked out a way for small businesses to accept credit payments without absorbing the fees.

Boost your business and accept payments online

Compared to larger enterprises, credit card fees have a greater impact on small businesses. It is difficult enough to compete with wealthier companies, let alone while getting hamstrung by high fees.

The small percentage charged to your business with every transaction quickly adds up. Combined with monthly fees, authorisation costs, and assessment fees, these costs make up a far higher percentage of a small business’s cash flow than large businesses. Powerfully large companies themselves, banks don’t always recognize how inequities arise in their standards.

Also, the burden of merchant fees is particularly high in our country compared to others, Australia for example. In the interests of mitigating this disparity, the New Zealand government has been trying to regulate the fees that banks charge.

At Qippay, we have found a solution that shows small businesses how to accept credit card payments.

Changing the game with Qippay

With Qippay, you can take control of your cash flow.

We have worked out a way for you to accept credit card payments at no cost to your business. Our services are 100% free to businesses, operating by transferring the fees that you normally would get charged in each transaction to your customer. Alternatively, you may wish to talk to our team about the split fee option.

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with the rigmarole of setting up time-consuming and expensive payment options with banks. We have all the hardware sorted, making signing up easy for you.

Simply download our app, sign in, and send invoices online with Qippay Accept. Your customers will get directed to an easy payment portal with one click and you can accept payments online without a merchant account.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars a year on transaction fees, you can save this money by transferring the burden to your clients. When broken up into tiny chunks, it is far easier for everybody if your consumers pay your fees.

You might be thinking: Will slightly higher prices put off my customers?

Read on to find out a little about the psychology of credit card payments.

People spend more with credit cards

When making payments, the loss in money via cash feels more tangible than it does when you pay by credit card. When making payments by credit card, all your customers will see is a number, requiring less psychological processing than physically handing over cash.

When you accept payments online without a merchant account, your customers will spend 15% more on average.

Consumers love convenience

Your customers are far more likely to pay via credit card than cash, even if the service costs a little more, because of how easy they are to use. With credit cards, consumers now can make purchases online, never having to leave their home, look for cash to pay with, or bother with bank transfers.

When you accept credit card payments online, new customers will be attracted to your business. Your products and services will be more appealing than ever when your available payment options are easy and accessible. You can offer a user-friendly payment portal where customers can transfer money to you faster than ever.

Your business can thrive with Qippay

We are here to help you overcome the challenges that your business might have been facing up till now.

Many small businesses operate without using credit card services because, when trade is good, it seems easier to make a profit than it would when facing transaction fees. However, we are living in economic times that simply do not accommodate exclusively cash payment methods.

The ability to make payments online makes a massive difference in the world of Covid-19. The use of digital technology increased significantly during lockdowns. Post-pandemic businesses are setting up more easily accessible payment options for their customers.

Once consumers open up to online payments and use credit cards, they are unlikely to turn back to traditional methods. The easiest way to make purchases will almost always be the one that your customers turn to, which is why the best way for your business to make money is to accept payments online without a merchant account.

With Qippay Accept, you can do just that. There is no need for you to worry about paying excessive merchant fees when they present far less of a burden on your customers than on your business. When comparing cash vs online payments, credit cards come out as a clear winner as they steadily replace cash.

Take control of your cash flow, earn more money, and gain a larger customer base with one easy step. Don’t break your bank; start using Qippay so you can accept payments online without a merchant account.