We realised transaction fees, payment chasing and arranging credit were big concerns for many business, so we set out to build a simple solution that can change the way businesses operate.



Qippays direct debit replacement option ‘Repeat’ is perfect for businesses who need the ability to automatically deduct payments from their customer’s bank accounts on a regular basis. It’s quick and easy to get set up, and allows you to make payments without having to put customers through the hassle of filling out new forms each time. You’ll also save money versus traditional Direct debit services which can be very expensive!

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Qippay's Direct Debit Form takes minuets to fill out


Looking for a cashless contactless solution? Don’t want to pay monthly rental fees on terminals?

It’s easy to set up, secure, and simple to use. Make payments easy for everyone and more reliable for you with Qippay QR!

From your phone…

Step 1. Create QR code or Payment Link from your payment dashboard.

Step 2. User scans QR code or share the payment link through SMS, Email or WhatsApp, Messenger etc

Step 3. Customer makes the payment using their preferred payment method.

As soon as the payment is made by your customer you have full visibility using your dashboard of completed payment.

Available option:

  • Custom redirection
    • As soon as the transaction is complete you can direct your customers to your website, facebook page or even your google review page
  • Transaction notification
    • Receive a notification as soon as the transaction has been made
  • Automatic receipts
    • Branded receipts can emailed automatically, this can be changed in your setting anytime

Contactless payments using QR codesGet paid from yours phone

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Invoice integration

Sending Xero invoices? our system integrates seamlessly, a pay now button with be displayed on the customer invoice where they are directed straight to the payments page, all their details are transfer across for hassle free payment experience, they select their chosen payment method and… done.

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