Businesses that offer a diverse range of payment options know that customer experience is the secret to success.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of Kiwis seeking online payment options has jumped significantly. Now is the time to expand your business and take online payments – without a merchant account.

At Qippay, we know how difficult it can be for small businesses to succeed, even in comfortable economic times.

Our team of business, finance, and IT experts, who recognise the inequitable blow to small businesses from the pandemic.

They have found a solution that will allow them to get back on their feet and flourish, despite the challenging climate.

Businesses that could take payments online were more likely to stay afloat when the pandemic hit.

Small businesses, still, are less likely than big businesses to have this ability. Therefore, it was easier for large companies to hold the fort when New Zealand’s economic wealth deteriorated.

Why businesses need to take online payments

The diversity of companies make the market more competitive, which is good for the economy. Small businesses create more job opportunities and advance the country’s overall growth by focusing on areas that large corporations overlook.

Yet it has always been a struggle to find how to accept credit cards as a small business. When you create a credit card payment solution for your company through banks, you need to make a merchant account, pay assessment fees, authorisation costs, and monthly fees based on every credit card transaction your customers make.

The accumulation of merchant credit card costs make up a massive percentage of a small business’s profit margin, often costing more time and money than it is worth. Opting out of diverse payment solutions is a tough call; consumers are using credit cards more and more.

At Qippay, we realised that because people spend more money when using credit cards, finding a way to help small businesses open up their payment options could make a massive difference.

Compared to cash payments, credit card payments feel like a less tangible loss of money. Customers only see a number rather than physically handing over a portion of their banknotes. Credit card users spend, on average, 15% more money.

Not only do payments feel less substantial to credit card users, but they are also all-around easier to use. Consumers can use credit cards to make payments online, barely needing to lift a finger, let alone make a bank transfer or leave the house to pay you in person.

New customers will come to you when you expand your company to take payments online without a merchant account. When your payment options are easy and accessible, your services will be more appealing than ever.
Since the pandemic, more Kiwis have been taking on credit cards than ever. Our reliance on them is growing. Your small business can meet this demand without losing money on merchant fees when you find the right payment method for you and your customers.

Take control of your cash flow

With Qippay, you can take online payments without a merchant account. Our revolutionary payment gateway can make it easier for your customers to pay you. You can save thousands of dollars a year, and you can make your business succeed.

Sign up for Qippay Accept and start receiving credit card payments at no cost to your business. Our services operate by transferring the fees that you would normally get charged to your customer. We also offer a split fee option which you may wish to discuss with our team.

We have all the hardware sorted, making signing up easy for you. Save yourself the trouble of dealing with the tedium of setting up time-consuming and expensive payment options with banks.

Simply download our app, sign in, and send invoices online with Qippay Accept. Your customers will get directed to an easy payment portal with one click, and you can accept payments online without a merchant account.

Bring success to your company with Qippay

Instead of paying thousands of dollars a year on transaction fees, you can save this money by transferring the burden to your clients. When broken up into tiny chunks, it is far easier for everybody if your consumers pay your fees.

Consumers prefer the flexibility and ease of use of credit cards. You will attract far more customers when you offer this option.

Many small businesses operate without using credit card services because, when trade is good, it seems easier to make a profit than it would when facing transaction fees. However, we are living in economic times that do not accommodate cash-exclusive payment methods.

The ability to make payments online makes a massive difference in the world of Covid-19. The use of digital technology increased significantly during lockdowns. Post-pandemic businesses are setting up more easily accessible payment options for their customers.

Once consumers open up to online payments and use credit cards, they are unlikely to turn back to traditional methods. The easiest way to make purchases will almost always be the one that your customers turn to, which is why the best way for your business to make money is to take payments online without a merchant account.

New Zealand credit card spending increases whenever consumers can access shops. Covid restrictions have a massive impact on how much Kiwis can spend, but it is clear that Kiwis want to spend money. The time is now to make credit card accessibility an option for your customers.

Consumers also recognise the importance of local enterprises to the NZ economy. While accessibility and ease of use will be the first attraction to your customers, people want to support small businesses. This mutual partnership is an absolute win-win for you and your customers.

Make it happen with Qippay Accept. Credit card transaction fees present far less of a burden on your customers than on your business, so there’s no need for you to worry about them!

Take control of your cash flow, earn more money, and gain a more extensive customer base with one easy step. Don’t break your bank; start using Qippay so you can accept payments online without a merchant account.