Accept payments using Qippay's payment tools

Accept payments using Qippay's payment tools

Qippay is a payment system that enables businesses to receive payments from their customers without the traditional time delays or high transaction fees. We power real-time payments with the use of open finance technology, providing businesses and their customers a seamless transaction and a payment experience.

Looking for a merchant service that gets you paid quickly and lets you run your business worry-free? Qippay offers fast, secure payment processing with no setup or monthly fees. With Qippay you can choose from multiple payment processing options to match your specific needs. Get up and running in minutes and make money immediately.

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Qippay Accept

You can accept payments online without a merchant account at a very low cost to your business.

Qippay is a solution that enables businesses to receive payments from their customers without the traditional time delays or high transaction fees. We power real-time payments with the use of open finance technology, providing businesses and their customers a seamless transaction and a payment experience.

We provide our clients with payment alternatives creating a better purchasing experience through the use off:

Open Finance solution

  • Account to Account transactions
  • Instant payouts
  • Contactless payments using QR technology
  • Greater visibility across multiple banks/balances

Card Payments solution

  • Free to process card payments
  • Contactless payments using QR technology


Our contactless card payment solution eliminates the need for Terminals.

This form of payment allows your business to generate a unique QR Code on your smartphone or tablet with your customer’s purchasing information. Your customers can now make contact-free payments, saving the hassle of cash, cards, and bank transfers.

Signing up for Qippay QR is also absolutely free. We will generate a QR Code for your business that you can show your customers. Scanning the QR Code with their smartphone or tablet will take your customers to a payment page.

As with Accept, Qippay QR protects you from paying merchant fees by charging the customer a small percentage extra instead.


Account to Account transfers

One of New Zealand’s first open finance payment platforms

Open Finance is also known as “open bank data.” Open finance is a banking practice that provides third-party financial service providers with  open access to consumer banking, transactions, and other financial data from banks and non-bank institutions through the use of APIs

Open Finance will allow the networking of accounts and data across institutions for use by consumers, financial institutions, and third-party service providers. Open Finance is becoming a major source of innovation that is poised to reshape the banking industry.

Open Finance has taken many forms overseas with both the public and private sectors pushing for change. Europe was one of the first to initiate it in PDS2, where the European parliament announced a regulation that allowed for Third-Parties to provide their customers with their banking data. The UK quickly followed with the introduction of OBIE in 2018 and Australia with CDR (Consumer data rights) being passed in parliament.

Social Responsibility

With inflation and ever-increasing living costs, corporations and local organisation are seeing higher rates of failed payments and delays, and consumers are finding themselves in debt cycles and large overdrafts. Qippay can remedy these problems for both the organisation and the consumer, by providing companies cheaper payments solutions and customer insights that can be used to create better payments terms.  This will give customer better payment options so they can continue to pay without putting themselves in debt or overdraft, while will continue to receives payments and protect your bottom line in uncertain environments.

We listen to our customers

We are constantly gathering insights from our customers to ensure we deliver the rights tools to streamline the payment process

  • We know Transactions fees are costly for businesses and result in lower margins and increased costs for consumers
  • Time-delays often create problems for a small businesses cash flow
  • Mobile phone & QR codes provide an affordable alternative to EFTPOS terminals
  • Businesses are willing to adopt an Open Finance solution if it means lower fees and a better user experience
  • Convenience is essential for both customers and businesses

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Making payments simple.

We are committed to helping small businesses stay on their feet during times of uncertainty. Our payment solutions are designed to increase your sales and remove the stress of credit card fees.

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Stay ahead of the curve, with Qippay.

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Qippay started with a group of small business owners and finance and IT experts sitting around a table discussing how to make it easier for businesses to thrive in challenging times.

While it might seem more straightforward for your business to make a profit when avoiding credit card options, the opposite is true. Look hard at credit card solutions, and you will find that you can skip merchant fees altogether, thereby bringing in far more money with Qippay. Consumers simply don’t want to be restricted to cash options anymore, and they will get put off by a lack of versatility, facility, and flexibility.

Once consumers open up to online payments and use credit cards, they are unlikely to turn back to traditional payment systems. Yet consumers want to support local businesses. The easiest way to make purchases will almost always be the one that your customers turn to, which is why the best way to make money is to learn how to accept credit cards for small businesses.

Take control of your cash flow, earn more money, and gain a broader customer base with one easy step. Don’t waste your time or break your bank; start using Qippay.

60 %

of people prefer contactless payments.

2+ Million

credit card holders in NZ.


as many customers as you would without a credit card option.

The Open Banking movement is currently gaining a lot of attention in financial industry. This new initiative has the potential to greatly impact the way consumers handle their finances providing them with greater choice, access, and transparency.

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