Accept card payments using Qip payment tools

Accept card payments using Qip payment tools

A payment gateway is any kind of technology that allows businesses to accept credit and debit card payments. The great thing is, they are not exclusive to the ones that banks set up for you.

Credit card transaction fees quickly add up for small business owners. With Qippay, you can take control of your cash flow, bring in more customers, and make a profit without worrying about losing money when you get paid.

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Qippay Accept

You can accept payments online without a merchant account by credit card, at no cost to your business. Our services operate by transferring the fees that you normally would get charged in each transaction to your customer. Alternatively, you may wish to talk to our team about the split fee option.

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with painstaking rigmarole with banks, arranging time-consuming and expensive payment options. We have all the hardware sorted, making signing up easy for you.

Simply download our app, sign in for free, and send invoices online with Qippay Accept. Your customers will get directed to an easy payment gateway with one click. They choose a payment method and avoid the trouble of bank transfers or cash payments when they pay you.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars a year on transaction fees, you can save this money by transferring the burden to your clients. When broken up into tiny chunks, it is far easier for everybody if your consumers pay your fees.



Our contactless credit card payment solution eliminates the need for Paywave.

This form of payment allows your business to generate a unique QR Code on your smartphone or tablet with your customer’s purchasing information. Your customers can now make contact-free payments, saving the hassle of cash, cards, and bank transfers.

Signing up for Qippay QR is also absolutely free. We will generate a QR Code for your business that you can show your customers. Scanning the QR Code with their smartphone or tablet will take your customers to a payment page.

As with Accept, Qippay QR protects you from paying merchant fees by charging the customer a small percentage extra instead.


Why we need a better solution

Compared to larger companies, the way the economic system is designed makes it unnecessarily and inequitably costly to small businesses to consider the option of accepting credit card payments. Authorisation costs, assessment fees, and monthly transaction fees make it hard to make ends meet, so small business owners often avoid the trouble altogether.

Over two-thirds of small businesses have felt a negative impact since the Covid-19 pandemic hit New Zealand. Since large companies find it easier to cover credit card fees, running a local business was a challenge before the pandemic, let alone now. The number of small enterprises that grew in 2019 had almost halved by 2020.

Contactless, digital, and online payment solutions are the way forward in a pandemic world. These methods are so common that consumers expect to see them everywhere. With only 2% of Kiwi money circulating in cash form, it is simply not viable for small businesses to continue avoiding credit card payment options.

Consumers show a strong preference for credit card payments. Your customers are far more likely to pay via credit card than cash, even if the service costs a little more, because of how easy they are to use. With credit cards, consumers now can make purchases online, never having to leave their home, look for cash or a card to pay with, or bother with bank transfers.

Listening to your customer’s needs will better your business

When you accept credit card payments with one or both of our Qip payment gateways, you will make it easier for your company to get on its feet and keep it that way.

Consumers will be drawn to your business when you create more accessible and easy to use payment options. You will not only broaden your client base but also earn more money from these customers.

Because of the ease of use, credit card users tend to spend 15% more money on average than cash users. This covers the additional charge to your customers who use Qippay Accept or Qippay QR. Even with the slight extra cost, your customers will be more willing to hand over their money using our payment tools. It is easier to make payments online or via credit card than to use cash or cheques.

When you offer a user-friendly payment gateway, you will get more money than ever.

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Thousands of brands, one way to pay.

We are committed to helping small businesses stay on their feet during times of uncertainty. Our payment solutions are designed to increase your sales and remove the stress of credit card fees.

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Qippay started with a group of small business owners and finance and IT experts sitting around a table discussing how to make it easier for businesses to thrive in challenging times.

While it might seem more straightforward for your business to make a profit when avoiding credit card options, the opposite is true. Look hard at credit card solutions, and you will find that you can skip merchant fees altogether, thereby bringing in far more money with Qippay. Consumers simply don’t want to be restricted to cash options anymore, and they will get put off by a lack of versatility, facility, and flexibility.

Once consumers open up to online payments and use credit cards, they are unlikely to turn back to traditional payment systems. Yet consumers want to support local businesses. The easiest way to make purchases will almost always be the one that your customers turn to, which is why the best way to make money is to learn how to accept credit cards for small businesses.

Take control of your cash flow, earn more money, and gain a broader customer base with one easy step. Don’t waste your time or break your bank; start using Qippay.

60 %

of people prefer contactless payments.

2+ Million

credit card holders in NZ.


as many customers as you would without a credit card option.

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