Pioneering Inclusivity in Open Banking

Our Purpose and Journey

Qippay’s core purpose is to provide financial democratisation, by helping to reshape the payment landscape for all businesses and charities. From our inception, the focus has been clear: to streamline payments and reduce financial stress. It was through working intimately with a network of businesses that we uncovered their financial challenges, inspiring us to innovate and engineer tailored solutions.

As we delved deeper, it became apparent that entities of all sizes and scales shared these same obstacles. As a result, we expanded our horizon to devise solutions that served the wider business community while simultaneously uplifting the consumer experience, especially in the areas of transaction fees and credit card processing.

This ambition fuelled our Open Banking odyssey, cultivating partnerships with banks and meticulously constructing a payment network that is inclusive and serves the diverse needs of every New Zealander.


Our Mission: Transforming Transactions

Our mission is singular yet transformative: to revolutionise transactional processes for businesses and their customers, facilitating instant payments without exorbitant fees. It’s a journey towards seamless financial interactions, where cost-efficiency and speed are not mutually exclusive but rather our base standard.



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Meet Our Diverse Team

The Qippay family is a unique blend of small business connoisseurs, tech enthusiasts, financial whizzes, and simply extraordinary people, all united under the finance umbrella to champion Kiwi business owners. We’ve spent hundreds of hours, dedicating ourselves to truly understanding our clients' needs. For us, it's about empowering businesses with the right financial tools to navigate towards success. Together, we’re focused on our mission to create a financially inclusive New Zealand through the power of Open Banking. We invite you to join us on this journey. For collaboration or inquiries, please reach out to us by calling or using the contact form on our contact page. Let's make financial empowerment accessible to all Kiwis.

Ashley Lake-Johns

Co-founder & CEO

Ashley brings a wealth of experience from the tech and financial sectors across Australasia. With a passion for innovation and excellence, Ashley drives the creation of remarkable products that cater to both consumer and business needs.

Wayne Deas

Co-founder, COO & Chair

Wayne is the bedrock of our strategic and operational excellence. His extensive experience in sales, business development, and technology provides a formidable foundation for Qippay’s strategic growth.

Alex Taylor


Alex, our CTO, excels in system integration and efficiency. With an eye for innovation, Alex is dedicated to optimising operations, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core business.

Dave Raethel


Dave our CISO, is the quintessential tech guru. At the helm of security and infrastructure, Dave ensures that Qippay remains at the cutting edge of secure technological advancements.

Our Vision: Empowering Financial Independence

At the core of Qippay is the vision to empower financial autonomy through Open Banking. We are committed to sculpting a world where economic background does not dictate one’s potential. We hold the conviction that Open Banking and Fintech are the keystones of financial inclusivity, unlocking prosperity for both individuals and enterprises. In pursuit of this, we ensure our tools are intuitive and widely accessible, aligning with our ethos of empowerment and growth.