Qippay started with a few colleagues sitting around a table trying to figure out how to help businesses survive and even thrive in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our vision is to see small businesses regain control and thrive regardless of the economic conditions of the time.

We realized that payment chasing and arranging credit were the two main concerns for small businesses. In November 2020, we launched our first product, Pay. It allows companies to utilize their credit cards to take control of expenditure and better manage their cash flow.

Due to the high cost of transaction fees, we noticed that our Qippay clients were not accepting credit cards as a form of payment. So, we set out to build a simple payment solution to change the way businesses operate.

Accept, our flagship project, is a free product allowing businesses to collect credit card payments – without paying merchant fees. These transaction fees are instead passed on to the customer, allowing small businesses the opportunity to save thousands per year.

We have since introduced two other products, Qippay QR and Qippay Charity: free, contactless payment solutions. These products allow businesses and charities to generate QR codes on their smartphones or tablets that customers can scan and make payments.

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Meet The Founders

Our team is now a combination of small business owners and individuals working in the finance world, with this experience and qip’s Tech, we got off our behinds to help our fellow kiwi survive the fallout of covid.

Ashley Lake-Johns

Ashley has worked for both technology and financial companies in Australia and New Zealand, gaining experience in sales, account management, team building, market analysis, trading, data analytics, payments, and product development. Having first-hand experience in the finance and technology world, Ashley is committed to innovation and building amazing products for consumers and businesses alike.

Wayne Deas

Wayne has a solid background in sales, sales management and business development and in-depth knowledge of strategic planning and team building. He knows all about computer systems, CRM design and management, market analysis, data analytics and structure, automation, business processes, and database management.

Wayne has also created lead generation campaigns for several companies including, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Powershop, Lenovo, Adobe, Ingram Micro, Southern Cross. He has owned several small businesses and was one of the founders of one of New Zealand’s largest privately-owned business consultancy firms.

Dave Raethel

David is an enthusiastic, self-motivated IT professional and an effective communicator who thrives in a challenging IT support environment. He enjoys using his initiative to solve complex technical problems and enjoys working “hands-on” as part of a customer-facing IT support team.

His proactive nature allows him to work equally well on his own, using his initiative, or integrated into a close-knit team. An experienced technical engineer, David has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

He is a technology professional skilled in Microsoft Server Suite, Service Delivery, Virtualisation, Cloud Solutions and Citrix, PHP, Javascript, SQL, to name a few. David is at his best in dynamic, change-oriented business environments. He enjoys being challenged and having the opportunity to add value to an organisation and its customers. Collaboration and teamwork are key to David’s ability to achieve results.

Our vision

Our vision is to see small businesses regain financial control, thrive in whatever economic climate they are in, and to focus on growth.

Thousands of jobs and businesses across New Zealand have been destroyed by the economic impact left by the pandemic. We aim to provide simple solutions to help relieve financial stresses associated with running a business.