Building a Financially Inclusive World: Qippay's Vision for Open Banking

Our Story

Qippay, a Kiwi owned Open Banking company, was founded with a clear purpose: to simplify and minimise the expenses associated with payments for small businesses and charities. Through close collaboration with a select group of these organisations, we gained valuable insights into their challenges, enabling us to develop meaningful solutions.

In the process, we discovered that larger businesses, SaaS providers, and corporate organisations were grappling with similar issues. Determined to address the needs of businesses and charities of all sizes, we embarked on a mission to create solutions that would not only benefit them but also enhance the overall consumer experience.

This marked the beginning of our Open Banking journey, where we fostered connections with banks and worked towards building a comprehensive payments network that caters to everyone’s requirements.

Our vision

To give people and businesses the power to achieve financial independence using Open Banking. We create tools to build an equitable world where backgrounds and economic standing are not obstacles to realising dreams. At Qippay, we believe that pen banking and Fintech can create financial inclusion and share prosperity for individuals and businesses alike” To do so, we make sure that our products are user-friendly and accessible. We take pride in partnering with our clients to support their growth and succeed together.”


Our mission

To revolutionise the way businesses and their customers transact, enabling their customers to pay instantly with no costly transaction fees.



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Meet The Team

Our team is a mash-up of small business owners, tech geeks, financial experts and just awesome individuals now all working together in the finance world to help our fellow kiwi business owners accept payments faster, easier at less cost to their business. We pride ourselves on our ability to go beyond simply off-the-shelf products, We take the time to understand our customers and what is important to them. We see our role is not just about understanding their business, it’s about understanding how we can provide the right tools to help them reach their goals.

Ashley Lake-Johns

Co-founder & CEO

Ashley has worked for both technology and financial companies in Australia and New Zealand, gaining experience in sales, account management, team building, market analysis, trading, data analytics, payments, and product development. Having first-hand experience in the finance and technology world, Ashley is committed to innovation and building amazing products for consumers and businesses alike.

Wayne Deas

Co-founder, COO & Chair

Wayne has a solid background in sales, sales management and business development and in-depth knowledge of strategic planning and team building. He knows all about computer systems, CRM design and management, market analysis, data analytics and structure, automation, business processes, and database management.

Wayne has also created lead generation campaigns for several companies including, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Powershop, Lenovo, Adobe, Ingram Micro, Southern Cross. He has owned several small businesses and was one of the founders of one of New Zealand’s largest privately-owned business consultancy firms.

Alex Taylor


Alex has sales, management and technical experience spanning a range of industries, with a particular emphasis on integrating disparate systems. From ERP and production integration, complex data migrations and interactive 3D web content, a common thread is streamlining systems for efficiency and ease of use, enabling users to focus on what matters to them.

Dave Raethel


Dave is the classic tech professional, having worked for government organisations, charities, Tech, and marketing companies, he has now dedicated his time to building something new. Dave spearheads Qippay’s security and infrastructure development and plays a key part in research and development. He is proficient is PHP, javascript, cloud solutions, and service delivery to name a few.

Our vision

Our vision is to see small businesses regain financial control, thrive in whatever economic climate they are in, and to focus on growth.

Thousands of jobs and businesses across New Zealand have been destroyed by the economic impact left by the pandemic. We aim to provide simple solutions to help relieve financial stresses associated with running a business.