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By allowing credit card payments, you can boost your sales and broaden your customer base. Give your customers more payment options, gain support from your community, and potentially save thousands of dollars a year!

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How QIP Pay Works


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We will not charge you for using our service. When you sign up to receive the Qip payment tool, you will be able to receive credit card payments from your customers at no cost to your business.


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Your customers choose how they want to pay and now your customers can pay by credit card with ease.


Get paid the way you prefer

When your customers pay by credit card, they absorb your merchant fees. It’s only a small extra cost for them that saves you a lot! The funds will show up in your account as soon as the funds are cleared.

We realised payment chasing and arranging credit were the two biggest concerns for small business, so we set out to build a simple solution that can change the way businesses operate.