Payment that is easy for you and your customers.

This unique form of payment will allow your business to generate a unique QR Code on your smartphone or tablet with your customer’s purchasing information. It allows your customers to make contact-free payments, saving the hassle of cards, bank transfers, and cash.

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How QIP Pay Works


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We will not charge your business for using our service. We will provide you with a QR Code that you can show your customers from your smartphone or tablet.


Payment is easy

Your customer will scan the QR Code with their smartphone, which will guide them to a payment page. They will select the amount and can choose their payment method.


Get notified

As soon as the payment is processed, your business will get notified. You can also generate an automatic payment receipt if required.

We realised payment chasing and arranging credit were the two biggest concerns for small business, so we set out to build a simple solution that can change the way businesses operate.