Qippay Announces Strategic Partnership with Westpac NZ to Advance Open Banking in New Zealand


Qippay is delighted to announce a significant milestone in our journey: the signing of an API Service agreement with Westpac NZ. This key partnership facilitates the introduction of the Qippay Open Banking payment solution into the New Zealand market, marking our second such agreement and reaffirming our position as a pioneer in the country’s Open Banking sector.

Based in Auckland, Qippay is a payment infrastructure company committed to providing affordable and streamlined payment solutions. We enable companies to accept payments online and through Xero at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional providers. Our approach prioritises security and utilises contracted banking APIs to rigorously protect customer credentials.

This partnership with Westpac NZ represents a significant advancement in the development and growth of open banking in New Zealand. It aims to address the prevalent challenges associated with payments, including inefficiencies and high costs. Through this collaboration, we are set to enhance the payment landscape, offering merchants a streamlined path to navigate the complex payment environment and harness the full potential of open banking while offering consumers a low-cost simplified way to pay.

 Shared Commitment to Innovation

Qippay and Westpac NZ share a mutual commitment to technological innovation and the advancement of open banking in New Zealand. This partnership was established with the objective of addressing the common difficulties faced by businesses and charities in processing payments or donations, particularly those related to time delays and transaction fees. By tackling these issues, our goal is to enhance operational efficiency and productivity, enabling a seamless payment experience for merchants and their customers.

A New Era for Open Banking in New Zealand

This new agreement is not only a landmark achievement for Qippay and the industry but also a pivotal moment for organisations across New Zealand. It underscores our commitment to empower businesses and charities with the tools and technology necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital economy it also a major step forward in realising the promise of open banking and making it an accessible and practical reality for entities across the country.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to innovation and excellence, continually striving to redefine the payments landscape.


Read the overview about Westpac NZ’s progress so far with Open Banking:  “Open Banking has the potential to revolutionise the way we bank and do business in New Zealand” – Westpac NZ

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